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Sweet Jane

Standing on the corner, Suitcase in my hand Jack is in his corset, and Jane is her vest, And me I’m in a rock’n’roll band Hah! Ridin’ in a Stutz Bear Cat, Jim You know, those were different times! Oh, … Seguir leyendo

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Lloviendo Beaujolais sobre Paris

Efficiency efficiency they say Get to know the date and tell the time of day As the crowds begin complaining How the Beaujolais is raining Down on darkened meetings on the Champs Elysée Paris 1919. John Cale. 1973 A punto … Seguir leyendo

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La vuelta de Lucinda

Was it too much good you felt you lacked Was it too much weight riding on your back? When did you start seeing black?” Seeing Black. Blessed 2011. Lucinda Williams. Time eligió a Lucinda Williams como mejor escritora de canciones … Seguir leyendo

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Jayhawks redivivos

Well, I know your name Takes you back from where you came Your words, they show Sometimes it’s real to be alone So real to be alone I survive, it’s true But when I get close to June Alright, okay … Seguir leyendo

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Laura Marling

Forgive me here, I can not stay he cut out my tongue there is nothing to save love me, oh lord he threw me away he laughed at my sins in his arms I must stay he wrote I’m broke … Seguir leyendo

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El polifacético Robbins

Like a worm that flies / Like a killer than cries Like a heart that lies/Like the look in your eyes Queen of dreams. Tim Robbins, 2010 La trayectoria cinematográfica de Tim Robbins es sobradamente conocida, tanto como actor como … Seguir leyendo

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El tiempo que queda

Combien de temps… Combien de temps encore Des années, des jours, des heures combien? Quand j’y pense mon coeur bat si fort… Mon pays c’est la vie. Combien de temps… Combien Je l’aime tant, le temps qui reste… Je veux … Seguir leyendo

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